Calimesa Church Sermons - before 6-2010

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Date Title Presenter
2010-06-04 6-5-10_Joey_Steffen_2nd.m4a Play
2010-05-28 Following the Master - 7 (Faith -Trust) Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-05-21 Following the Master - 6 (Perfection) Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-05-14 Following the Master - 5 (Parables) Isaac Kim Play
2010-05-07 Following the Master - 4 soil.mp3 Saul Barcelo Play
2010-04-30 Following the Master -3 05-01-10_Jon_Ciccarelli_2nd.mp3 Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-04-18 Jon_Ciccarelli_Following_the_Master_-_2.mp3 Play
2010-03-26 "Vision Over Visibility" Pt. 2 Ken Curtis Play
2010-03-19 "Vision Over Visibility" Pt. 1 Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-03-12 "An Incredible Way to Live!" Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-03-05 The Holy Spirit Jim Greek Play
2010-02-26 Getting our stories straight Ken Curtis Play
2010-02-20 Some things money can't buy Saul Barcello Play
2010-02-12 Pathfinder Sabbath Courage Pathfinders Play
2010-02-05 "I Am part 2" Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-01-29 David & Goliath - F.R.O.G. Saul Barcelo Play
2010-01-22 "I am" Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-01-15 Get in the Game Dustin Comm Play
2010-01-08 The Unstoppable Force Jon Ciccarelli Play
2010-01-01 Behold, Believe, BECOME Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-12-25 Behold, BELIEVE, Become Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-12-18 BEHOLD, Believe, Become Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-12-11 Peace Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-12-04 Joy Ken Curtis Play
2009-11-27 "Self Control" Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-11-20 "Faithfulness" Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-11-13 "Gentleness" Isaac Kim Play
2009-11-06 Goodness Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-10-30 Organic Christianity "Patience" Saul Barcelo Play
2009-10-23 Organic Christianity - Kindness Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-10-16 Organic Christianity Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-10-09 "The Significance of my Insignificance" Dustin Comm Play
2009-10-02 Faith Beyond Failure Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-09-25 The Breath of God Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-09-19 A Journey of Grace Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-09-11 At His Feet Jon Ciccarelli Play
2009-09-04 Preparation Ken Curtis Play
2009-08-28 For the Healing of the Nations Roy Branson Play
2009-08-21 The Maturing of Adventisim Richard Hart Play
2009-08-14 SDA ourselves Mark Carr Play
2009-08-07 Why Mission Matters Carla Gober Play
2009-07-31 "My Mission, My Calling" Kathy McMillan Play
2009-07-28 People at Play (3 of 3) Isaac Kim Play
2009-07-17 Christians at Play Dustin Comm Play
2009-07-10 God's Children at Play Ken Curtis Play
2009-07-03 "As Bread that is Broken" Saul Barcelo Play
2009-06-26 Loving God Loving People... VBS Isaac Kim Play
2009-06-19 A Family Portrait Ken Curtis Play
2009-06-12 "Routine Savior" Dustin Comm Play
2009-06-05 The Judgement of the Living Jon Paulien Play
2009-05-29 The Purpose of Prophecy Jon Paulien Play
2009-05-22 Loving People, One Neighbor at a Time Saul Barcelo Play
2009-05-15 It's Just Not Fair Lou Venden Play
2009-05-08 Getting The Right Picture Ken Curtis Play
2009-05-01 As You Go Jessica Williams Play
2009-04-17 Mission Report Isaac Kim & Mission Team Play
2009-03-27 In Transition, What Elijah Discovered Ken Curtis Play
2009-03-20 In Transition: Tragedy, Trial or Transition Michael Bennie Play
2009-03-13 "In Transition: The end of the Moses era" Saul Barcelo Play
2009-03-07 Faith, Unseen and Unheard Dustin Comm Play
2009-03-03 Faith & Deeds part 2 Dan Giang Play
2009-02-20 Faith, and Deeds Chris Oberg Play
2009-02-13 Pathfinder Sabbath Pathfinders Play
2009-02-06 Choosing Faith - Faith in Print Chris Oberg Play
2009-01-30 "Faith, Revealed" Chris Oberg Play
2009-01-23 "Inherited Faith: Finding Meaning in Christian Traditions Saul Barcelo Play
2009-01-17 "Choosing Faith" Chris Oberg Play
2009-01-09 "Purpose Something in Your Heart" Chris Oberg Play
2009-01-02 "Emblems" Isaac Kim Play
2008-12-26 A New Route home Ken Curtis Play
2008-12-19 "A Tale of Two Lordships" Chris Oberg Play
2008-12-12 "Fear Factor" Dustin Comm Play
2008-12-05 Anxious Advent Chris Oberg Play
2008-11-29 And One More Thing Chris Oberg Play
2008-11-21 If I could Say One Thing Chris Oberg Play
2008-11-14 Loving God, Loving People (part two) Saul Barcelo Play
2008-11-07 Loving God, Loving People (Part 1)* Chris Oberg Play
2008-10-31 Clashing Kingdoms Chris Oberg Play
2008-10-24 What to do with Leftovers Chris Oberg Play
2008-10-17 God Be With You Chris Oberg Play
2008-09-26 Same Song, Second Verse Chris Oberg Play
2008-09-12 The Story We Find Ourselves In - Part 2 Chris Oberg Play
2008-09-05 Genesis - The Story We Find Ourselves In Chris Oberg Play
2008-09-03 Good, to Not Good, to Very Good Ken Curtis Play
2008-08-29 The Open Remnant Jon Pauline Play
2008-08-29 The Open Remnant Jon Pauline Play
2008-08-22 Generation Control X Julius Nam Play
2008-08-15 Family Matters Gerald Winslow Play
2008-08-08 What it means and what it takes Fritz Guy Play
2008-08-01 Remnant Business Chris Oberg Play
2008-07-25 Imagine There's No Evil . . . (4 of 4 Lord's Prayer) Chris Oberg Play
2008-07-18 Taken for Granted Sonia Kurunathan Play
2008-07-11 The Safest Prayer to Pray Chris Oberg Play
2008-07-04 Hallowed Be Your Name Chris Oberg Play
2008-06-20 Inclusive On Purpose Ken Curtis Play
2008-06-13 Converted on Purpose Chris Oberg Play
2008-05-30 Worldly On Purpose Chris Oberg Play
2008-05-16 Honestly, On Purpose Chris Oberg Play
2008-05-09 Healing, on Purpose Chirs Oberg Play
2008-05-02 Unified On Purpose Chris Oberg Play
2008-04-18 Powerful on Purpose Ken Curtis Play
2008-04-11 "Prayer ... On Purpose" Chris Oberg Play
2008-04-04 Mission On Purpose Chris Oberg Play
2008-03-28 Doubt Ken Curtis Play
2008-03-21 Why Weep? Chris Oberg Play
2008-03-14 Acts of Mourning Chris Oberg Play
2008-03-07 A Last Request Dan Nyirady Play
2008-02-29 Tell Me the Truth Chris Oberg Play
2008-02-16 "The Troubled Soul" Chris Oberg Play
2008-02-08 Pathfinder Sabbath Pathfinders Play
2008-02-01 The Politics of God, Part 2 Isaac Kim Play
2008-01-25 The Politics of God (Part One) Chris Oberg Play
2008-01-18 "The Politics of Being Human (and Christian)" Chris Oberg Play
2008-01-11 Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Chris Oberg Play
2007-12-28 "Longing for Discernment" Ken Curtis Play
2007-12-21 "Longing for Rescue" Chris Oberg Play
2007-12-14 "Longing for Light" Dan Nyirady Play
2007-12-07 "Longing for Repentance" Chris Oberg Play
2007-11-30 "Just Moments" Chris Oberg Play
2007-11-23 God and Justice Chris Oberg Play
2007-11-16 "God and Judgement" Chris Oberg Play
2007-11-09 "God is Power" Isaac Kim Play
2007-11-02 God and the Cross Chris Oberg Play
2007-10-26 "God and the Groaning Creation" Dustin Comm Play
2007-10-19 "God and Freedom" Chris Oberg Play
2007-10-12 "Identity Theft" Chris Oberg Play
2007-10-05 Who is Our God? Chris Oberg Play
2007-09-28 "Leading Gracefully" Ken Curtis Play
2007-09-21 On Suffering and Sanctification: Part 2 Chris Oberg Play
2007-09-14 On Suffering and Sanctification Chris Oberg Play
2007-09-07 Safe Dan Nyirady Play
2007-08-31 Be Your Strange Identity Isaac Kim Play
2007-08-24 The Power and the Glory Lou Vendon Play
2007-08-17 The Hard Work of Accepting a Gift Mark Carr Play
2007-08-10 The Heart of Healing Love Ivan Blazen Play
2007-08-03 7 Ducks in Muddy Water Carla Gober Play
2007-07-27 "Outside In: Jonah" Chris Oberg Play
2007-07-20 "Outside In: Naaman" Dustin Comm Play
2007-07-13 "Outside In: Rehab" Chris Oberg Play
2007-07-06 "Outside in: Esau" Chris Oberg Play
2007-06-29 Why Stay? (7/7) Chris Oberg Play
2007-06-22 Why Medicate? (6/7) Art Earll / Bill Hooker Play
2007-06-15 Why Leave? (5/7) Chris Oberg Play
2007-06-08 Why Think? (4/7) Chris Oberg Play
2007-06-01 Why Play? (3/7) Dan Nyirady Play
2007-05-25 Why Others? (2/7) Chris Oberg Play
2007-05-18 Why Family? (1/7) Ken Curtis Play
2007-05-11 Grander Vision Living (4/4) Chris Oberg Play
2007-05-04 Tell It Like It Is (3/4) Chris Oberg Play
2007-04-30 Living in 3-D (2/4 Dan Nyirady Play
2007-04-13 A House With Many Rooms (1/4) Chris Oberg Play
2007-04-06 A Third Day Perspective (8/8) Chris Oberg Play
2007-03-30 The Practice of Humility (7/8) Isaac Kim Play
2007-03-23 The Road Less Traveled (6/8) Ken Curtis Play
2007-03-16 Just Living (5/8) Chris Oberg Play
2007-03-09 Watch Out for Strangers (4/8) Ken Curtis Play
2007-03-02 Practicing Forgiveness Dan Nyirady Play
2007-02-23 The Sound of Silence (2/8) Chris Oberg Play
2007-02-16 I am the Vine (1/8) Chris Oberg Play
2007-01-26 Begin by Saying Good-bye (2/3) Alden Sproull Play
2007-01-19 You Will Surely Die (1/3) Chris Oberg Play
2007-01-12 This Diseased Body Chris Oberg Play
2007-02-02 Its about Life (3/3) Chris Oberg Play
2007-01-05 Peace of the Cross Dan Nyirady Play
2006-12-29 Dismissed in Peace (5/5) Chris Oberg Play
2006-12-22 Just Say Peace (4/5) Chris Oberg Play
2006-12-15 The Path of Peace (3/5) Ken Curtis Play
2006-12-08 The Anatomy of Shalom (2/5) Chris Oberg Play
2006-12-01 Peaceable Kingdom (1/5) Chris Oberg Play
2006-11-24 The way of Gratitude (2/2) Dan Nyirady Play
2006-11-17 The Blessing of Gratitude (1/2) Isaac Kim Play
2006-11-10 The Revelation of Jesus " Kingdom" (7/7) Chris Oberg Play
2006-11-03 The Revelation of Jesus - "Message" (6/7) Chris Oberg Play
2006-10-27 The Revelation of Jesus - "Witness" (5/7) Chris Oberg Play
2006-10-20 The Reverlation of Jesus "Worship" (4/7) Chris Oberg Play
2006-10-13 The Revelation of Jesus "Laodicea" (3/7) Isaac Kim Play
2006-10-06 The Revelation of Jesus - First Love Dan Nyirady Play
2006-09-29 This is the Revelation of Jesus (1/7) Chris Oberg Play
2006-09-22 Embracing the Dream - Isaiah (4/4) Ken Curtis Play
2006-09-15 Broken and Redeemed! - Jeremiah (3/4) Chris Oberg Play
2006-09-08 Broken People - Micah (2/4) Chris Oberg Play
2006-09-01 Who is this Voice? - Amos (1/4) Chris Oberg Play
2006-08-25 A Heart of Flesh Mark Carr Play
2006-08-18 Meaning Interrupted Karla Gober Play
2006-08-11 Love to the End Richard Rice Play
2006-08-04 When Nothing Makes Sense Louis Venden Play
2006-07-28 Ten(d) to the Two (Part 2) (12/12) Chirs Oberg Play
2006-07-21 Ten(d) to the two (part 1) (11/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-07-14 Take Two Tablets (10th Commandment) Chris Oberg Play
2006-07-07 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 9 (9/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-06-30 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 8 (8/12) Dan Giang Play
2006-06-23 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 7 (7/12) Dan Nyirady Play
2006-06-16 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 6 (6/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-06-02 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 5 (5/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-05-26 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 4 (4/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-05-19 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 3 (3/12) Isaac Kim Play
2006-05-12 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 2 (2/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-05-05 Take Two Tablets . . . Commandment 1 (1/12) Chris Oberg Play
2006-04-21 On The way to the cross - Disciples Chose life, again! Chris Oberg Play
2006-04-14 On The way to the cross - Disciples are Terrified Chris Oberg Play
2006-04-07 On The way to the cross - Disciples take on status Quo Chris Oberg Play
2006-03-31 On The way to the cross - Disciples recieve Clarity Dan Nyirady Play
2006-03-24 On The way to the cross - Disciples stumble Chirs Oberg Play
2006-03-18 On the Way to the Cross the Disciples Catch a Vision Ken Curtis Play
2006-03-10 On The way to the cross - discipes choose life Chirs Oberg Play
2006-02-24 An intergenerational Dialog Conversation Larry Davidson and Isaac Kim Play
2006-03-03 An Audience of One - Worship as Evangelism Chirs Oberg Play
2006-02-17 An audience of One - My Worship, Your worship Chris Oberg Play
2006-02-03 An audience of One - My Worship Chris Oberg Play
2006-01-27 An Audience of One - My Time Chris Oberg Play
2006-01-20 An audience of One - My Relationships Dan Nyirday Play
2006-01-13 An Audience of One -The wallet Chris Oberg Play
2006-01-06 An Audience of One - My Body Chris Oberg Play
2004-10-15 Blessed Be The Tie That Binds Ken Curtis Play